Knockabout Sloops Blog, The End

With my dwindling blog posts, it will come as no surprise that I am ending my KnockaboutSloops blog. All along this blog has been a personal resource that I have used to journal and organize my thoughts during the design and construction of Bolero, our custom engineless Knockabout Sloop.

I typically live a quiet private life that rarely draws attention to myself. On rare occasions one of my passions will draw me out a bit into the limelight. Such has been the case with long skinny sailboats and engineless sailing.

But in the end my real passion is sailing, not writing about sailing. And no amount of rants, or examples of engineless sailing will alter the conventional wisdom that sailboats need engines to be safe.

And no matter how many photos of gorgeous sailboats I post, and I have posted many, modern sailboats get beamier, the freeboard higher and the cabin taller and boxier. We are more and more a culture of convenience and luxury where beauty isn't valued.

So rather that try to convince others that sailboats sail just fine without engines, I will just go sailing.

And rather than post photos of long, sleek, gorgeous boats sailing, I will take ours out sailing.

For me it has always been about the sailing. Which is why we I envisioned this crazy project in the first place.

This blog has been a labor of love and I have enjoy the feedback and comments that I have received from the 90,000 or so visitors who have meandered in. I will leave this content up to provide whatever resource it may contain and I will also continue to moderate comments. Perhaps there are other "crazies" out there who will look at all this and see opportunity and not a bunch of sacrifices.

Cheers and Happy Sailing,