That Quiet Still in the Air

It has been a very quiet summer here at Knockabout Sloops and a number of folks, okay maybe three, have wondered where I got off to. I am still here, still sailing and still loving long, skinny boat with graceful overhangs.

First off, it is never really a bad thing when I go quiet. Just ask the friends and family. But the quiet here has been a result of a number of occurrences.

First it has been a pretty ordinary summer season of sailing for us here on Lopez Island. Summer was sort of a yawner. When the weather was good the wind wasn't, or other things were pressing, or it was a supper low tide, or it was a busy boats coming into the bay day. And there didn't seem like a lot of great days this year compared to last. And last year was so good that I have gotten a bit picky on when I choose to go out.

We hauled last week so Bolero is neat and tidy and stored snuggly in her Clearspan shelter. I have a few posts, with pictures, in me summarizing my experiences with our new electrical system, a pretty good failure, and our new light air drifter, which was a roaring success, although I did take the long way to get there.

In addition to a average summer sailing season this summer brought about a complete upheaval in my computer hardware. I transitioned from a Tablet PC, which I have used in one form or another since their inception, to an iPad and an old Apple Power Mac G5. I have used many, many computer systems in my life, including Apple and find them pretty much interchangeable. But I am working toward replacing my old tablet PC with the iPad and using it for most everything I do and only falling back on the "boat anchor" G5 for the really heavy lifting. Blogging on the iPad has not yet overwhelmed me and this is my first iPad blog post. But I expect it to get better and better and with the winter dark time approaching I will keep at it.

In the end, Knockabout Sloops was always my way of organizing my thoughts on Bolero's conversion and in that capacity this blog has served me well. I am sure that there will always be an occasional post of some gorgeous slinky boat that I will need to pass along, a rant or two about sailing without an engine and of course every photo of Bolero sailing that kind folks send my way.