A Successful Launch

The morning was rainy and overcast so no pictures of the actual launch, but Bolero is safe and sound on her mooring.

The whole fix the keel plan was a total dud, however. What with the wet keel and very short time limit. I have been promised another chance during the fall haul out.

I guess I will just have to sail in a manner that keep the nasty bottom of our keel hidden from view.

Even though launching in the rain and drizzle isn't much fun, I do love how the Northwest looks during the sun breaks that manage to break through.

I won't get much time to enjoy the serenity as this rain was the precursor of a nasty unseasonable 991 mb low that is headed our way (the full story is over at Cliff Mass's site).

The storm is forecast to roll in Wednesday late afternoon and hit us with sustained winds in the 40 to 50 kt range with higher gust.

5:00 pm Wednesday Forecast

8:00 pm Wednesday Forecast

Why do all these high wind storms have to roll in at night? I feel much better when I can either check the webcam to see that Bolero is safe or go check her out in person.

I will definitely go out tomorrow to double up the mooring pennant and tighten everything down.

This is suppose to be a fall thing.