Storm Prep

I have been keeping abreast of the upcoming serious storm by regularly checking in on Cliff Mass's blog. This morning it looked like the San Juan Islands might not get hit has hard as I had thought. Cliff mentioned:
Residents of the San Juans and northern Whidbey Island should be ready for a modest blow.
Looking like something in the 30 to 40 kt range.

But I decided that I would sleep better if I at least prepped Bolero the best I could. So this morning Laura and I headed out to the boat and I rowed out the main bow anchor, 20 ft of chain and 150 ft of rode due south of our mooring. I set our 22# Bruce anchor by tensioning it up against our mooring and ran the rode through a shackle attached to our mooring ring. We removed the jib from the foredeck to reduce windage, tightened up the cockpit cover and secured the aft hatch with its locking pin.

I rowed back out to the boat this afternoon to check everything over one more time and adjust anything if needed. The wind had clocked around to the South and when I arrived at the boat our anchor was taking all of the freshing breeze. So I let out a bit of rode so the anchor and mooring were taking equal loads.

I think that I have done all I can. Bolero is on her own.

Once back home I immediately surfed over to check Cliff's site for a storm update and, off course, things have gotten worse.
The latest satellite pictures shows a profound enhancement of the high clouds around this system (see above). The latest forecast models are even more threatening that last night...this is going to be a major coastal wind event, with damage and power outages. NW Washington will be hit harder than expected last night. And another issue...when the low is offshore, winds will accelerate to the west in the Strait of Juan de Fuca.

The National Weather Service has now put storm warnings for the entire coast and the western Strait of Juan de Fuca.

And here is the new wind forecast for 5 pm (from Cliff's site)

I will drive by and check on Bolero one last time before dark. But unless something really looks amiss I won't row out.

Oddly, at 17:30, the winds still seem quite calm. But they are picking up at the Hein Bank and Smith Island stations to the south of Lopez.

Hein Bank

Smith Island