Pre-Launch Update

Well we are pretty much ready for our launch on Tuesday morning. Unfortunately we heard at the last moment that the marina won't be allowing us to hang from the travel lift so any repairs and touch up painting that I want to do to the keel gets to happen at 7am right before our launch. I guess it will be what it will be.

In any event prepping, rigging and transporting Bolero to the marina progressed without a hitch. I used the same technique to load the mast as I did last fall to remove it.

And it sure beats Craig and I walking each end up a ladder while trying not to ding anything. I am planing to sort through my old blocks and lines to see if I can't make the process even easier.

Raising the mast was quick and simple and it was great fun to hook up the new anemometer, which thankfully worked.

On Saturday San Juan Canvas came by with our new cabin cushions and they looked great.

It is hard to convey what a change the new cushions make to the interior. And although still small it is now an inviting place you would actually what spend time in.

There were a few periods of light wind so I played with the drifter to see if I could located the padeye on the foredeck. This new drifter idea has been a challenge from the very start. And as soon as I hoisted it I knew the journey was not to get any easier. Even though I was temporarily mounting it to the bow chock, it was very, very close to the headstay. I didn't realize just how close until we went out early yesterday morning in very light wind to check the hoist again.

Obviously I still have much work to do on this system and I have set it aside for now. Eventually I will need some sort of spinnaker crane. Which will entail working up the mast if I want it this season. I think the first thing I will do is fly the drifter inside the headstay to see how I like it and go from there.