Almost Ready to Launch

We are looking good to go for our planned launch on the 18th. I have wrapped up, or will wrap up all my remaining tasks with the goal of pulling Bolero out of the boat shed for a good cleaning and prepping for the short ride to the marina on Wednesday the 12th.

Here is some of what I have been up to, in no particular order.

Bow Damage Repair

The most disappointing damage resulting from last summer's grounding was a nasty ding in the bow that resulted from a collision with the "rescue" vessel.

I have been procrastinating this repair a bit since I  was quite worried about making a mess of things but in the end I needed to get it done.

First I worked to clean up and sand fair the ding so I could more easily fill the missing material.

Then I tried my hand at filling the damaged area without increasing the size of the damage too much.

I let the repair cure while I waited for Tim's two part primer repair kit to arrive.

Armed with Tim's great little kit and his "Dummies Guide to Two Part Paint Touch Up" instructions I dove in like I knew what I was doing and laid down multiple coats of the gray primer.

After another day or two of drying time I carefully sanded the primer and applied the flag blue touch up paint (which Tim had sent me last summer).

And all in all it didn't turn out to bad.

That said, I definitely don't want to become proficient at this task.

Electrical Panel

I have also been working on adding a small electrical service to Bolero. Nothing to grand, just power for a depth transducer and backup power for our battery powered gps and handheld VHS radio.

I pretty much have it done, although I have decided to add navigation lights so I have the panel cracked open for some mods.

Varnish Maintenance

The varnish gods, which smiled down on my novice skills as I varnished the boat (toe rails, coaming and cabin sides) where apparently angered by my lack of offerings and my efforts to lay down a nice finish on the hatches failed. I even sanded off my failures and tried again with similar, although slightly better result.

Ultimately I decided that I would contimplate these flaws all summer while studying up to try and figure out my faults and give it another go next spring.

Funny, with a nice controlled and convient shop setting I thought the hatches would be the easy job.