6 Bells and All is Well

The trees behind my house were creaking and groaning as they do when they resist strong winds so I thought I would go have a look at Bolero.

I knew as soon as I reached the village that this trip was going to be benign since there was a significant easterly component in the southerly wind. Bolero was tugging gently on her mooring with her anchor rode slightly longer than the mooring pendant.

Even with Smith Island reading a steady winds of 33 kts with gusts as high as 37, FishBay was relatively calm.

This is pretty typical when the wind is from the SE or SSE as there is a nice hill that shields Fishbay, and our boats, from the strong SE winds. You can see it pretty clearly from the contour lines on the chart.

The bay general is aligned along a bearing of 205 magnetic. We really get hit when the wind clocks around and becomes S to SW. Which it is forecasted to do later on this evening.

No way this storm hits during the light of day.