1947 Rhodes Evergreen Class Sloop

Bolero's spring launch, various projects and the weather has seriously dampened my postings on long skinny boats. But that hasn't kept Cliff, down in Oregon, for lighting up my inbox with leads and photos. So time for me to catch up.

First is a sweet 1947 modified Rhodes Evergreen Class Sloop.

She is for sale by the way and located in Seattle, WA

We have one up here that sails out of Friday Harbor and they are sweet, sweet boats.

Okay, more photos from the listing.

And I have to include a copy of the sail plan since I just love the plans found on older boats.

Occasionally folks ask me about ways to get into a "Knockabout" type sloop in a less expensive way than a full out conversion, or buying a new expensive Daysailor. Well I think this Evergreen might fit the bill.

She is a woody.

But boy howdy. Look at those lines. Someone go have a look at her and report back.

Or better yet buy her and sail her up to the San Juan's so I can have a look.