The Smell of Anti-Fouling Paint in the Morning

A combination of other projects and some late winter weather has helped me procrastinate really starting Bolero's Spring refit. But over the last couple of weeks I dove in and repaired the keel damage from last year's grounding and today I painted the bottom.

This is the best way for me to start the Spring refit since I now have the worst job out of the way. Well mostly out of the way since I still need to repair the underside of the keel while we are hanging from the travel lift the weekend before our launch (May 18th).

I also pulled Bolero out of the shed for a thorough cleaning.

Varnishing is next and all the removable pieces are at home in my small shop. I do however have a couple of wood issues to deal with prior to  varnishing. Last summer the splice joint in the toe rail cracked. I have tried to re-bond it but I was unsuccessful. It is a pretty small crack so I am leaning towards filling it and then fairing l as needed.

The other problem I am having is warping and twisting of Bolero's hatches. The sliding companionway hatch now binds enough that I can't easily open and close it.

In addition to maintanence and repairs, Bolero is getting a fair number of upgrades.
  • A simple electrical system to power a NMEA depth transducer, our Garmin 276C GPS, and perhaps a few other luxuries

  • A larger drifter on a roller furler

  • Cabin cushions (I hope)

  • A masthead anemometer

  • And hopefully a mounting system for our Sea-Swing stove
I am have a few compatibility issues with my drifter and the Harken Screecher Furler that I want to use. But I am starting to layout the padeye and backing plates. I won't start the installation until I know everything works.