The Siren's Song

On this blog this title could mean just about anything but in this case it means varnish.

I have always loved boats with lots of brightwork so it was a foregone conclusion that Bolero would essestially become a wooden boat in a fiberglass hull. All along Tim warned me that I had better like varnishing and I replied that it was one of my favorite boat tasks. But truth be told, I hadn't done much varnishing before Bolero. And even though Bolero doesn't have has much brightwork as Cotton Blossom II, shown above, there is a bunch.

And this is the first year that I have been responsible for Bolero's varnish upkeep. Well the bulk of the refreshing on the hull is almost complete. And all in all I very much enjoyed the process. Varnishing requires a fair amount of work, and I have a great deal more to learn, but I just love the look of fresh varnish on wood.

I have to confess that I was a bit anxious about all this varnish work. After all I received Bolero from Tim freshly varnish by hands much more skilled then my own. But the only way to get experience was by doing it and the "nice" thing about varnishing is that there is always next year.

I still want another coat on the toe rails and the hatches are waiting their turn in my shop but we are one giant step closer to launching. What with all this shiny wood looking for water.