Knickerbocker One Design

One of the things I just love about have this blog is that out of the blue I get an email from someone showing me another great old Knockabout type boat that I had never seen before.

In this case Bob wrote in to introduce me to the Knickerbocker One Design.

Pretty funny that I never stumbled across these sweet little boats. First off, as Bob observed, they really look like a larger version of my old Bluenose Sloop. And second they are a Sparkman & Stephens design.

Here is what little history I could scour of the web:
The Knickerbocker One Design (KOD) class was designed and built for members of the Knickerbocker Yacht Club in 1965. 18 KODs were constructed. The KOD is a comfortable one design racer with very nice daysailer comforts with a large cockpit with full seating. The interior has two berths for possible short overnight hops.
The KOD has a very powerful sail plan with a large mainsail, marginally overlapping jib with adjustable leads and a large spinnaker with full spinnaker gear. It moves along nicely in the lightest breezes and can really get up and go in stronger winds

The KOD is very seaworthy being able to sail and race in strong winds. One of the KODS was singlehanded from Port Washington, NY to Mystic Seaport.

And as always, a quick check on how the specs compare to my old Bluenose Sloop and our new Shields conversion.

The feature that I like most about these old designs is the substantial fractional rig. By that I mean a small percentage of jib area per total sail area. All three of these sailboats put up a huge amount of sail area on a working sail plan without needing a large overlapping headsail. That's my idea of sailing fun.