Another Etchell's Conversion

I recieved a comment or two from Sam, who along with his brother Nick, are planning to restore and convert an old Etchells.

The idea, in their own words:
The idea is to change this racing sailboat into a comfortable day cruiser and so cruise her around Bantry Bay. Blazers and pipes will replace Mustos and wraparound shades and nettle ale shall be sipped from clay tankards…
Sam thought that my adding his blog to my reading list would help motivate him keep the blog up to date.

I hate to say it Sam, but I need more pictures and an update or two. How about a quick sketch of the new cabin design. Heck maybe just a nice photo of you guys throwing down a few pints at the local pub.

I hope this is what you meant by providing you a little incentive to keep us posted on your project? Not to subtle I hope.

Cheers, Bill