Is Engineless Sailing Safe?

There is a pretty lively discussion going on over at the Wooden Boat forum on Engineless sailing and cruising in the thread Sailing With No Engine?. These types of discussions come up occasionally on various forums but this one has stayed pretty focused on choosing whether or not to have an engine on a sailboat on why or why not.

Some threads on other forums have quickly diverged into discussions on auxiliary propulsion systems, outboards etc. But this Wooden Boat forum thread has pretty much come down to safety with some seemingly believing that it is unsafe and discourteous to sail engineless and other believing that with proper skill, patience and seamanship it is completely safe.

Having read through and participated in the 200 plus post Wooden Boat forum thread I am curious what others think. So I added a poll concerning the safety of sailing engineless to the sidebar of this blog.

I would greatly appreciate it y'all would take the time to vote.