A Little Housekeeping

Things have been quite slow here at Knockabout Sloops but hopefully that will change as we push through the Holiday Season. There are a few small changes coming to this blog that I wanted to mention.

First, due to an excessive, to me anyway, number of anonymous spam messages left as comments to various posts I have slightly changed the comment process. Now, in order to leave an anonymous comment, you must type in one of those little hard to read words. I know, I hate them as well.

And second, I have decided to scuttle my plans for blogs about my small shop (The Not So Big Shop) and my dinghy project (The Mighty Auk). Therefor I may occasionally stray off topic to include posts that have almost nothing to do with Knockabout Sloops. Well expect for the fact that the workshop supports Bolero's projects and the future dinghy building will be Bolero's new tender.

My goal has always been to use Bolero, my Knockabout Sloop, to her fullest extent so future post will detail improvements to that end, and more extensive sailing experiences.

And, as always, I will post as many beautiful boat photos as I can get my hands on.

Cheers and Happy Holidays,