Etchells 22

We have a new long, skinny, tall masted sailboat in the bay. Four friends pickup an Etchells 22.

I don't yet have any pictures of their new boat. But she is docked on my dinghy dock so they are forth comming. It will be great fun seeing this boat out on the water. There are a few in the San Juan Islands and I occasionally try to sail near them. Although keeping up with them is completely out of the question.

With their light weight, split under body hull, and large sail area I doubt that thier is any combination of wind or point of sail that I could keep up. I will try of course. And it will be fun.

Interestingly, this week I also stumble across a custom daysailor conversion of the Etchells 22.

This seems similar to the type of conversion that Tim perform for Bolero although the result is completely unique. I would love to find some more info on this project.