Shields 88 Peanut and the Shields Nationals

Kristian Martincic over at Shields 88 posted this sweat photo (courtesy of Richard Winters) of his Shields, Peanut, that I just had to steal and repost.

Kristian's blog is one of my must reads and he has graciously contributed a lot of great ideas and hardware to Bolero's rigging (some still waiting to be implemented). His relationship with Bolero has created an additional side benefit. I have someone to route for in this years Shields Nationals.

Which as it turns out is just around the corner. They will be held at the Chicago Yacht Club on September 16th thru the 19th.

And although Bolero isn't really a Shields anymore, I still love seeing this old class race and will be following the races as closely as the flow of information will allow.

Good luck Kristian we'll be rootin fur ya.