New Old Classic Plastic Coming to Fishbay

Well my buddy Craig has been looking to supersize his Cape Dory Typhoon. For quite a while it looked like a Nonsuch 22 or 26 was going to be his choice. But a Cape Dory 25D became available in Anacortes and a week later Craig and I were motoring her back to Lopez.

It was a grand weekend of boats. It started off on Friday when Craig and I took the ferry over to kick a few tires and have a look at the old girl.

I don't consider myself knowledgeable enough to perform a detailed boat inspection but my take was that this was a pretty nice boat that had been neglected for 4 or 5 years due to the previous owner's health. She was dirty, her sails and running rigging were trash and she smelled bad. But that said, she was very original without a bunch of owner "improvements".

Mostly Craig wanted to check the condition of the bottom (blisters) and the deck (core mush). He was quite happy and soon owned a new boat.

Our plan was to go back over on Sunday and motor the ole girl home (although I am not sure an 80s Cape Dory counts as old).

For some reason, I didn't take any photos but here is our track of the 19 NM voyage from Anacortes to Fisherman Bay.

We did have a chance to sail a bit up the East side of Lopez. As I mentioned, the running rigging is trash and the sails weren't much better. The 100% jib was so bad we couldn't even get it to set. Fortunately the 140% was a bit too much sail for the previous owner and it was in much better shape. So combined with the crappy mainsail we did okay with speeds in the 4 to 5 kt range. But all in all a poor test of the CD 25D's sailing ability. So I will wait till next year to make any judgments.

Eventually we cranked up the old Yanmar and quickly made it home. Craig has a bunch of cleaning and tossing of old junk and then a winter of tinkering ahead of him. But she should come out of winter a whole new boat.

Anyone in the market for a nice Cape Dory Typhoon?