Blog Comment Feature Restored

It appears that the ability to leave comments on my blog has been offline for a while, maybe quite a while. I think that I have restored it. Sorry about that.

Cheers, Bill

Update: Apparently the comment feature has been unavailable since maybe early June since none of the follow blog post have received a comment (not in itself unusual). I thought I would post a the list in case anyone had tried to leave a comment but was unable to.


Thursday - July 30 - A Little of Everything (10 NM)

Happy Rebirth Day

Tuesday - July 28 - All Dressed Up But Nowhere to Go (2 NM)

Sunday - July 26 - The Worst Day Sailing (11 NM)

A Mid Summer Nights Varnish Repair

My Kind of Craziness - A New Yankee One Design

Thursday - July 23 - I Guess Sailboats Don't Have the Right of Way (9 NM)

Wednesday - July 22 - A Day Out with the Boys (13 NM)

Sunday - July 19 - Cattle Pass (15 NM)

Garbage In, Garbage Out

Thursday - July 16 - Parks Bay (13 NM)

Wednesday - July 15 - More Schooners than You Can Shake a Stick At (13 NM)

Thursday - July 9 - San Juan Channel (9 NM)

A Cruising Boat for a Knockabout Snob

Hawaii ... Again

I know our boat is out there somewhere


Super Low Tide = Strong Currents

Bolero Short Sailing Video

Saturday - June 20 - San Juan Channel (9 NM)

Gentlemen Never Sail to Weather

Saturday - June 13 - Brown Island (11 NM)

Friday - June 12 - Cattle Pass (25 NM)

Dinner and a Movie

Wednesday - June 10 - Griffin Bay (10 NM)

Bird's Eye View


Sunday - June 7 - Engineless Sailors Unite (11 NM)

Friday - June 5 - A Sail Around Our Bay (3 NM)

Bolero's Damage Report

Monday - June 1 - Aground on Yellow Island Reef (23 NM)