August 23 - Philip Rhodes Evergreen Class (16 NM)

Today was just another ho hum day on the water. The plan was to sail northwest towards Jones Island but the wind lightened as we went north and with the northbound flood kicking in we decided not to chance it. So we chased down nice looking boats under sail and ended up behind Brown Island.

All in all a nice day sail and we decided to start meandering our way home. The wind had picked up a bit so we tucked in a reef to ease the crossing of San Juan channel and our entrance into Fisherman Bay. But off in the distance was a stunning set of sails barely held up by a wisp of a boat so I had to sail over and take a look.

It was the Philip Rhodes designed Evergreen that we had been told lived in Friday Harbor.

She was a thing of beauty and quite fast. As we approached and matched her beam reach she luffed her main to let us catch up, but with a reef in our main we were unable (frustration building). So after a while we decided to tack around and head home.

And they decided to follow us. Now that we were on a starboard tack that was all the incentive that I needed to shake out our reef and put Bolero's best foot forward (although I still had too much jib halyard and backstay tension). A little game of cat and mouse ensued with us being much more competitive but alas their larger size, 36' loa & 24' lwl, and 150% genoa won out. Although I think we pointed a bit higher and as the wind lighted we seemed a bit more competitive. And I think we could wind a tacking dual.

Unfortunately, for the very first time, I had forgoten my camera so I will have to chase down this beauty another time.

Aug 23 Tides - Friday Harbor

Aug 23 GPS Track

2009 Sailing Summary
Sailing Days-33 / 110 (30%)
Blissful Hours of Hand Steering - 3:42 hours & 103:19 hours for the season
Total Miles Under Sailed this Season - 380 NM