August 17th - A Very Light Air Day Sail with Uncle Earl (5 NM)

Laura's aunt and uncle were up from Phoenix and Uncle Earl was jonesing for a sail. So I picked the best weather day and made plans.

The weather called for 10 to 15 kt winds from the NW and with a bit of a flood at the channel entrance. With guests on board of course the wind didn't fill in. At the mooring the wind was SW and out in San Juan channel it was NW with a perfect convergance zone of zero wind at the Fisherman Bay channel exit. It took us four to five tries to get out of the bay which included using the oar at times.

Once out the wind picked up a little but was still quite light and we rowed a bit to get home.

But we still managed to eek out a little fun.

Aug 16 Tides - Friday Harbor

Aug 16 GPS Track

2009 Sailing Summary
Sailing Days-31 / 103 (30%)
Blissful Hours of Hand Steering - 3:06 hours & 97:23 hours for the season
Total Miles Under Sailed this Season - 353 NM