Wednesday - July 22 - A Day Out with the Boys (13 NM)

Wednesday was a rare solo daysail for me. I have notice that I haven't started to really feel comfortable single handing Bolero, probably because I haven't been out alone much. Even today my goal was just to go out to the boat and wash the topsides down. When I rowed out it was a bit cold and there was still some fog from the morning. Nothing that really inspired me to cast of the mooring lines.

But after the wash and scrub the weather had significantly improved and it was definately a sailing day. So I cast off. And today quickly felt like all those comfortable solo daysails that I remember when I own the Bluenose Sloop.

And because of the wash and scrub I was sailing later than I usually do so I ran into Eric in our old Bluenose.

And Dick in his Flicka.

Nothing really eventful other than another great day of sailing.

July 22 Tides - Friday Harbor

July 22 GPS Track

2009 Sailing Summary
Sailing Days-23 / 78 (29%)
Blissful Hours of Hand Steering - 2:56 hours today & 75:55 hours for the season
Total Miles Under Sailed this Season - 285 NM