Thursday - July 16 - Parks Bay (13 NM)

I had grand plans to head northwest today. For some reason I haven't sail northwest up San Juan channel very often in Bolero. In our old Bluenose it was a common destination. Albeit a risky one for a day sail. Our winds are typical from the south and we can usually count on a strong afternoon flood. So as the wind fades in the early evening getting home to Lopez against the current can become quite a challenge.

But today's forecast looked stellar for a trip up San Juan channel. 10 kt SW winds building to 10 to 15 as the afternoon wore on. In addition the tides were pretty much flat for most of the afternoon. So I gathered up snacks and drinks and plan a route to sail northwest and circumnavigate Jones Island.

This was going to be a return to the scene of the crime of my Yellow Island Reef grounding. You can see that I have immortalized this grounding with its own waypoint (GB1). To forever remind me of that fateful day.

We headed out to the boat around 14:00 and quickly prepped the boat and cast off the mooring. The trip out of the bay was uneventful but a little slow. But as soon as we cleared the channel entrance Bolero took off and we headed northwest up San Juan channel. It was a exhilarating ride until we reach Parks Bay on Shaw island. At that point the wind decided we weren't going northwest. Actually we weren't going much of anywhere. So we broke out lunch and enjoyed the hot, downwind coasting up San Juan channel. Our planned trip to Jones island would have to wait for another day.

We enjoy watch other sailboats (the last remnants of the schooners from Wednesday) coast along with us but eventually decide to turn back and head. But not without a quick detour to Parks Bay.

It was as sweet and quite as usual. And we followed, or tried to follow, what looked like an Etchells 22 into the bay. We didn't stay long before we turned around and headed home.

Laura took the helm and I went forward to my favorite lounging spot on Bolero.

It is funny how you don't really appreciate some things until after the fact. Tim and I both strongly adhered to the idea of keeping Bolero's cabin top aft of the mast. Well this long ago choice has produce my favorite place on Boelro (next to hogging the tiller). I sit facing slightly forward wedged against the front of the cabin with my back against the mast and my feet just over the toe rails. With any amount of heel it is like a recliner. I just sat back and took photos and enjoyed the ride home.

As it turns out our timing was perfect. The wind all but died right outside the Lopez channel entrance and we ghosted back to the mooring. I did take three attempt to pick up the mooring. The first was 1 foot short, the second was a bit fast for my liking and the third was perfect.

July 13 Tides - Friday Harbor

July 13 GPS Track

2009 Sailing Summary
Sailing Days-21 / 72 (29%)
Blissful Hours of Hand Steering - 4:11 hours today & 69:33 hours for the season
Total Miles Under Sailed this Season - 257 NM