My Kind of Craziness - A New Yankee One Design

I find it kind of funny that in all this time I have never written one word about the Yankee One Design class. As I have always quite liked them. They are just my kind of sailboats.

Interestedly enough their specs aren't that much different from Bolero's.

The Yankee's are a bit lighter with a bit less sail area. The Shields have a higher ballast ratio but the Yankee has a greater waterline length. Seems it would be quite fun to sail alongside a Yankee One Design.

But back to Venture, the soon to be new Yankee One Design.

Here is a bit of history and current status from her owner, Sarah Howell.
Venture was built by the Stone Boat Yard in San Francisco in 1949.

She had a brilliant racing career in San Franscico Bay during the 50's and 60's. But all her frames were broken, and she sank twice, which led to significant problems later on.

In 1994 she was brought to Seattle along with Tarfon and Yankee Doodle.

For over a decade Venture was at the Center for Wooden Boats where she was a beautiful exhibit, and many people had the opportunity to sail her, but beneath the paint she wasn't doing very well.

As much as we would have liked to save this boat, when we took her to Port Townsend for restoration in 2006, it became clear that the damage incurred during her early years had finally caught up with her.

Despite the extensive work that various owners had put into Venture over the years, the boat was dying. The planks were brittle, the fastenings all looked like they'd evaporated, and even the keel needed to be replaced. It really seemed like caulking and paint and spirit had been holding her together.

It didn't make sense to do a major restoration on a tired backbone, and it was too heartbreaking to cut up this boat. So she's getting a new hull. :)

This marks the first time a Yankee One Design has been lofted and constructed since Flotsam was built in 1963.

This very exciting project is happening at the Northwest School of Wooden Boatbuilding (NWSWB). They started lofting in January of 2009, and plan to be completed by 2010.
Here is a slide show of the construction of Vertue's new hull. Wow! a new Yankee One Design plying the waters of Puget Sound. I can't wait.

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