A Mid Summer Nights Varnish Repair

In what certainly is a taste of thing to come, I had some varnish maintenance to perform on Bolero. Specifically a small repair on the varnish on the underside of the aft hatch.

It seems that the underside of the hatch is abrading against the non-skid on the aft deck. I'm not sure whether it has always been this way. It may have been but there has been a lot of wood movement on Bolero's wooden parts since she changed climates from Maine to Washington. In addition, I am no longer using a pin to secure the hatch which may be allowing the hatch to rest on the deck.

In any event the varnish had worn off in spots. Enough to start discoloring the mahogany. So a repair was in order.

My plan was just to repair the varnish on the lower edge that is in contact with the non-skid. So I quickly sanded back to bare wood (no quite there in this photos).

And applied and blended in some maintenance coats (three currently).

This winter the hatch will get a full varnish treatment. I intended to build up the coats on the inside as well. Certainly not to the level of the exterior but just to add a bit more protection. In addition I want to add a bumper of sorts to keep the bottom of the hatch off the deck. Shouldn't be too challenging.

It was also nice to get back into my small wood shop. I have spent a few hours getting some tools online and hooking them up to my vacuum system (with various amounts of success).

One of my "new" additions is an old 4 inch Craftsman jointer that I picked up for less than $50 that I am really beginning to like.

I also finish refurbishing, new motor and spindle bushings, an old Atlas 3500 shaper (also $50).

Although quite small, I really like having this dedicated work space. It really makes a difference in projects like this.