Happy Rebirth Day

Depending on your point of view, Bolero, our modified Shields Knockabout Sloop is either 42 years old or 1. She was originally built by Cape Cod Shipbuilding in 1967 but her life was renewed about 1 year ago today when Tim Lackey gave her a Hollywood Makeover.

From this:

To this:

The funny thing is that it seems like we have owned her for much longer than a single year. And as is fitting, I guess, for a well used and well loved boat she is no longer the runway model she was when she left the protection of Tim's shop.

But one of the greatest aspects of having Tim rebuild her to such a high standard is that I have no excuses. I know what she should look like. Though I realize that it is unreasonable to think I can maintain her in showroom condition, I do intend to maintain the high bar that was used during her planning and construction. Well that is within the limits of my skills and capabilities. But I try to have a realistic view of what I can and can't do and I am more than willing to seek help or advice or higher expertise as required.

What I already know is that this Fall, Winter and Spring will be a real maintenance year. Not the fiddle around in the boat shed I got to enjoy last Winter.