Sunday - June 7 - Engineless Sailors Unite (11 NM)

No, not another journey down that black hole that is the debate about engines on sailboats.

Just a grand, actually perfect, day sail. And a bunch of other sailors had the same idea. All told I counted five or six sailboats that sailed in or out of Fishermans Bay on Lopez Island. It wasn't that long ago when I would drive out of my way if I saw a raised sail near the channel entrance. Just to watch. Now it is common place, almost boring.

Today was that nice, confidence inspiring sail that we were looking for on Friday. The wind was perfect and we didn't go anywhere. Just played around in San Juan channel between our channel entrance and the Turn Island Buoy. Well that and watched and sailed alongside beautiful boats under sail.

And we almost didn't go out.

We first met up with Craig in his sweet Cape Dory Typhoon. What a peach.

He cast off right before we did and came by to visit. We chatted a bit but had to get our own sails up and go sailing. An almost typical exit from the bay. The only unusual event was that we were passed by two boats at the same time, one on each side of us, at the mouth of the channel. I didn't know that was even possible. I bit disconcerting since we wouldn't have had any options had we needed some maneuvering room.

Once out, I took my standard two photos of Bolero. First Laura at the helm,

and then a view up the mast.

Even after sailing her as much as we have this spring I am still impressed by how she sails.

One of my favorite activities when sailing is looking for and at other sailboats. Who should we find but Eric in our old Bluenose Sloop. We sailed along side for quite a while and enjoyed the view.

We eventually ran back into Craig in his Typhoon. The channel condition were such that I wasn't sure he would make it out since his mast is quite a bit shorter than Bolero's or the Bluenose and there is a nice wind shadow at the mouth of the channel. But after a few tries he popped out and the three of us sailed together. Very fun.

One by one we trickled in to return to our moorings. I hung out till last, drawn out by a large, racy, modern sailboat that was making its way from the north towards the entrance to Fishermans Bay. We sailed out to her and then turned and led the way in. And boy was that a poor choice. She was both faster and pointed better than us and it was all we could do to stay ahead. In addition, her skipper, Joe Goldberg, is another one of those immensly skilled Lopez Sailors. He eventually gave way so he wouldn't run right over the top of us. Boats have come a long way in 40 years.

Of course the wind was howling in the bay. Wishing we had a reef, we sailed rail down back to our mooring. Eric and Craig were already tied up and we followed. Joe dropped his jib and then easily docked at the Islander Resort under sail.

The end of a nice day sail for us. Well most of us. Our friend, Dick Behan, was out in his new Flicka with his working jib and a reef in the main. Screaming back and forth across the achorage as he tacked up wind. We gat a wave and yahoo as he sailed past. I hope I have as much fun when I reach his age as he is having with his new boat. He was still sailing as we drove home.

June 7 Tides - Friday Harbor

June 7 GPS Track

2009 Sailing Summary
Sailing Days-14 / 33
Blissful Hours of Hand Steering - 2:29 today & 47:26 for the season
Total Miles Sailed - 169 NM