Saturday - June 13 - Brown Island (11 NM)

I have been sailing Bolero a bunch so far this year but have not really fallen into a cleaning routine. And it was starting to show. On my old Bluenose Sloop, I used to wash her down with salt water every few sails and scrub her as needed. My first attempt with the same routine on Bolero was unsatisfactory due to the salt left on the varnished wood. So today I went out to wash Bolero's deck with a mild soap and salt water.

But of course I figured I could squeeze in a quick sail first. Nothing really special, other than the joy of sailing in great wind. And no pictures. The tides were typical and the forecast was for 15 kt of winds and a small craft advisory for 6 pm with winds 15 to 25 kts.

It was glorious sailing. It was just a short afternoon sail and I didn't really need a reef until about 4 pm when I decided to come in. Well then, I really needed to reef. I quickly tucked in a reef in the protected lee off Lopez Island just outside the Fisherman Bay channel entrance.

My return to the bay was a little adventurous but ultimately uneventful since even with one reef Bolero's SA/D ratio is 18 which is still quite a bit of sail. With two reefs she drops to 15 and currently the smallest amount of sail I can put up is a double reefed main by itself.

I am going to work on getting my second reef point rigged so I can get a feel for how Bolero sails under a double reefed main alone. If this works this will be my very high wind solution. I don't really like sailing without a balanced sail plan so time will tell. A storm jib for Bolero seems a bit odd, but everything is possible till I know different.

Once back at the mooring I cleaned up and prepped Bolero for a bath. By then the south wind had really filled in nicely. It was warm enough and the bath went well and Bolero looked much better. I washed just the deck deliberately avoiding the vast amount of brightwork. For the brightwork, I have been emptying our water bottles at the end of the day to give it a fresh water wash down. I think this combination should work well. And it was nice to have a clean boat again.

June 12 Tides - Friday Harbor

June 12 GPS Track

2009 Sailing Summary
Sailing Days-17 / 39 (44%)
Blissful Hours of Hand Steering - 2:27 hours today & 57:25 hours for the season
Total Miles Under Sailed this Season - 215 NM