Gentlemen Never Sail to Weather

Then I am no gentleman. Big surprise here, I know. I just don't really care for sailing off the wind. Broad reaching and downwind sailing are relatively slow points of sail for Bolero and reduce our options under sail to deal with boat traffic and currents.

Just about every exit out of Fisherman Bay is downwind, mostly dead downwind. Usually against the current. In this type of situation, I am completely at the mercy of the local wind and current. I can't, for instance, head up during a lull to increase my apparent wind and boat speed. It is also much slower to bail on the attempt and spin the boat around head back the way I came.

Occasionally, I enjoy the warmth of an off the wind sail. But for me it gets old fast. I much prefer the balance, "locked in" feel of a boat heeled over on a reach or a close hauled course.

Perhaps I haven't pounded to windward in wet and nasty condition long enough to become a gentleman that doesn't sail to weather. I guess I will continue gleefully sailing to weather. Who knows, maybe there is a gentleman in me yet.