Dinner and a Movie

Make that dinner and a book. But it was dinner aboard Bolero on a beautiful night on the bay.

We have been sailing a bunch this season so we were able to resist the temptation of the nice evening breeze. But others took full advantage of it. Dick and his Flicka are becoming a permanent fixture on the bay.

And a little 505 came out and just flew around the bay.

Great scenery for a nice dinner and a good bottle of wine.

Little by little we are finishing up our preparation to allow us to "cruise" Bolero. Well to at least have sleepovers. So tonight's dinner was sort of a taste of things to come.

And as we were rowing back to the dock an old wooden gaffer took a spin around the bay. I hadn't seen her under sail before. She looks a bit rough close up, but from a distance the beauty is still easily apparent.