Tis the Season of Low Tides

Today I went out to the boat, ostensibly to work on the reefing system but I took my navigation and safety equipment (as it were) with me. On my way I stopped at the Bay Cafe to check out the Fisherman Bay channel.

I quickly reconsidered my thoughts about shooting out for a few hours of sailing after seeing just how thin the water was at low tide . I have really been pushing it this year and have sailed Bolero in and out of Fisherman Bay on minus tides. But today's low of -2.40 ft at 13:35 just didn't look like much fun.

There just isn't that much channel left.

Just getting out to the boat became a bit of an exercise.

I had to drag our high and dry dinghy up onto the dock and down to the first slip to relaunch.

But this weekend the tides are looking very nice. And if the wind cooperates we may try to circumnavigate Shaw Island. Should be fun.