Sunday - May 24 - More Current Fun (14 NM)

Today was more of the same. A strong flood current at the channel entrance and beautiful sun. Laura and I were both tired but we dragged ourselves out for another daysail.

Today we sailed south against the strong flood current in San Juan channel. We sailed until we reached the maximum flood current at Cattle pass of 4.82 kts at 14:52.

At which point we were promptly stopped in our tracks as our boat speed and apparent wind were taken from us. So we drifted and spun around with the rips, whirlpools and eddies until our wind came back. And then we headed home.

All of our sails so far this year have been daysails, and will be for a while as we finish outfitting the "cruising" parts of Bolero. But all along, I have been calling Bolero a Daysailor / Weekender. So in addition to being great fun, our daysails have also given us the opportunity to work on our sailing skills and gain familararity with how Bolero handles various conditions. That is why we spent part of today sitting and spinning in a current situation that we would never intentionally put ourselves in if we were planning a voyage.

We did have one newish thing happen today. I haven't yet buried the rail sailing Bolero. In the old Bluenose I almost always sailed back into the bay with her rail buried and her bottom displayed for all to see. Well today, for whatever reason, we came in hot. 6 kts closehauled, heeled way over. No burried rail, yet. But apparently we are getting more comfortable with Bolero's combination of sail power and abundant keel. Yippie.