Saturday - May 9th - Shark's Reef (12 NM)

Today was our first "real" sail. The forecast was for 5 to 15 kts from the NW which is a bit unusual and quite welcomed since we sailed out through the channel at a very low tide against a strong current. This is always a bit disconcerting since the water is so clear during the flood that the bottom looks 6 inches away.

With the unusual wind direction we headed south against the current towards San Juan channel. I had a brief thought that maybe we could poke our nose into the Strait but the wind didn't' last and we had to turn around an coast home with the current.

On the way home I saw my friend Dick with his new, to him, Flicka. So we sailed over and chatted and took photos for as long as we dared in the dieing evening breeze.

One of the Murphy's laws about our moorings is that I can practically row to get there, but there will be lots of wind at the mooring. This was great as it gave me the much needed opportunity to shoot some practice approaches. I am still not used to how much way Bolero carries and just how good she is at turning wind into speed. So I practiced a half a dozen approaches until it went perfectly. Laura even decide she was ready to learn how to pick up the mooring and it went great.

We have decide to become perfectionists at our close quarter sailing maneuvers. So you will see many, many attempts at mooring pickups, docking etc.