Sailing is Work, Sometimes Hard Work

My wife and I are in our late 40's and we have come to an obvious conclusion. Sailing is work. Sometimes it is hard work. Pretty much any day that we go sailing we come home tired. We sleep really well that night and can be a bit sore the next day.

For us, it is work we quite enjoy. We both really like the short tacking it takes to get back into our bay and the feeling of accomplishment that goes with it. As we get older, this may change but for now we love it.

The whole idea reminded of going backpacking for the first, and only time, when I was twenty five. I went with a bunch of my co-workers who were in their 50's. I hated every minute of it. It was way too much work for me to carry all the food I wanted to eat on my back.

Turns out it just wasn't my kind of work.

This idea got me thinking about why other people boat. I have often participated in the engine verse engineless debate, or discussed roller furling and other conveniences offered to boaters. But I wonder if doesn't boil down to deciding how much work each of us are willing to let sailing be.

If adding conveniences to a sailboat is a result of wanting it to be less work, I can understand that choice.