Launch Prep

With April came welcomed sun and nice warm temperatures. So of course Craig and I both decided to get the boats wet. So Wednesday is Bolero's launch day (Tuesday for Craig). So now, off course, the gales come.

We are both going to see how it goes but it could get a bit tricky with both of us having to sail or row off the dock.

Island's Marine Center, IMC, does our launching and their travel lift drops us in the water between their dock and the smaller Islander's dock to the south. So we get to beat against our prevailing southerlies in shallow water until we can fall off onto a reach and head into Fisherman's. With strong winds getting off the East-West dock could be extremely difficult. So hopefully we can walk our boats the first North-South finger, space permitting. This would allow us to raise our sails into the wind and fall off as we leave the docks.

On Friday Craig and I hauled Bolero down to IMC and they raised the mast.

I did a fair bit of tinkering with her over the winter and Laura put the new-old Pfaff sewing machine to work making new canvas. That along with some varnish and bottom paint has her pretty much ready.

Since much of the work was rigging (mostly reefing) I will try and posts pictures of these changes under sail.

In addition to my previous post about working on my sailing skills, I am also trying to get smarter with respect to rigging. One of the advantage of basing Bolero on the Shields, and the reason I worked so hard to keep the basic rigging intact, is that there is a bunch of info on tuning these boats. So my plan is to work towards incorporating some of this wisdom into my rig tuning for various sailing conditions. To this end I picked up a LOOS gauge so I can a) know what my current rig tension is and b) see how it compares with the experts.

Since I singlehand often, I hope to be able to set up a system that allows me to adjust Bolero for a rather course set of conditions. Say, really light air, moderate wind, strong wind and waves and get me the hell home. Once I have a handle on the tuning I want to mark the control lines (backstay, outhaul, downhaul, jib cars etc) for these type of situations so I can power up and power down Bolero as needed.

Bolero was also very poorly tuned last fall during my three week season. I don't expect her and I to perform as if she was a pure race boat with crew but I want much better performance than I achieved last year. I especially want better pointing ability.