Friday - May 29 -Long Island & Fish Creek (21 NM)

The weather today was perfect. 5 to 15 kts from the SW turning into 10 to 20 kt from the SW. Anytime that the wind is forecast to strengthen during the day it is a great day to go sailing. Sort of an insurance policy for getting home. So our plan was to head south on the ebb and sail into Mackaye Harbor and maybe anchor for a bit and then come home on the strong flood.

Ah, the best laid plans. Everything went well in the beginning. We headed out to the boat at noon quickly readied her and cast off. Shot through the channel entrance just before one at a plus 1 ft tide.

With nice wind and current we made great time tacking down San Juan channel and had an easy time going through Cattle Pass.

The conditions were so great we change our plans from going to Mackaye Harbor to sailing west along the south end of San Juan Island. And then the wind in the Strait died. But, but it wasn't supposed to. The forecast, the rowdy reputation of the Strait.... Oh well.

Since we didn't feel comfortable exploring south of the pass with the impending tide change and very light wind, we moved on to plan B.

Which was to sail north back through Cattle Pass and explore the southwest part of Griffin Bay. In particular American Camp and Fish Creek.

Fish Creek is a neat little marina tucked into the southwest corner of Griffin Bay. Darn hard to sail to, actually. The wind often howls over the hills and it is an intense narrow, beat upwind to the marina. A fun little exercise.

We explored the shallow, rocky and foul cost of Griffen Bay for a while longer and then caught the flood tide elevator home. Another quick ride.

The return back through the channel entrance was uneventful, although we did have to dodge a bit to get around an anchored sailboat, at a zero tide but the mooring pickup left a lot to be desired. The strong flood pushing north opposed the dieing southly wind. The initial pickup went well and we dropped the jig. But the current easily over powered the wind and kicked Bolero's stern around just enough to fill her mainsail. Time to practice opposing current mooring pickups.

2009 Sailing Summary
Sailing Days-10 / 24
Total Miles Sailed - 117 NM