Friday - May 15th - Mooring Pickup Practice & Short Daysail (8 NM)

We went out today to practice, practice, practice. It was a good day and very successful. We greatly improved our relationship with Bolero at slow speeds and have a much better system for casting off and sailing up to the mooring.

But we needed a little sailing to recover from all the "work". So out we went on another low tide (between zero and plus one). And we were greeted with the disheartening site of a boat that had it the rock at the channel entrance.

They successfully pulled her off but she headed off towards Friday Harbor. Maybe for repairs or just because Lopez Island wasn't worth the hassle.

Well the wind was light and we wanted to get home so we turned around and rowed / sailed in. But another motor boat passed us on the way in and sure enough ran right into the same rock. We watched him go in. It looked like he was aiming for for it. There was the horrible thunking sound as he hit and then a scraping, grating sound as he motored over it. Ouch!

No pictures of his boat as we were focused on navigating the channel for our own entrance, but I asked about his boat as we passed him in the anchorage and it sounded bad. I hope it is better than he thought.

After all of our practice earlier the mooring pickup went great.