The End of My Beauty and Engineless Sailing Rants

One of the things that I have noticed about in writing, and ranting, about my sailing ideals is how pointless it all seems. I seem to be championing an ideal of engineless sailing and beauty that is long gone. Buried in a sea of plastic, diesel and electronics. What I know is that the effort on my part takes time and energy and is seldom well received. So I have decided to stop ranting on Knockabout Sloops. If the need should arise perhaps I will rant on my forum, which is pretty much my own private space.

The world is ever changing and I wouldn't be surprised if engines became a legislated "safety device" or if more harbors required them to enter and exit (I believe Victoria BC already does). Therefore I will endeavor to seek out beauty under sail, while I can, instead of pointless rants.

It is a good time, what with sailing season just about to start in the San Juan Islands.