Spring Like Weather is Starting to Light a Fire Under My Arse

We just had our annual March snow. And now it is clear and gorgeous. Except with clear days come cold nights. But still the days are getting longer and we have sun. So working on Bolero is creeping up fast on my to do list.

Today was pretty uneventful but I did get two things done that had been bugging me. First was the oar lock. Actually my buddy Craig copied my two piece oar configuration and then I copied his oar lock setup. My last idea looked great only it didn't fit in the custom oar storage brackets that Tim put under the side deck. The new oar locks work great. Although water testing is needed to be sure and I need to add some leather to protect the top of the coamings.

I don't have the blade end install in these pictures since I don't have room in the boat shed to extend the oar.

One of the other issues that I have had since Bolero moved out West is wood movement. Many of Tim's carefully crafted wooden components have moved and warped. One of the most annoying was the cockpit floor. It had grown enough so that I couldn't reinstall it.

I had been putting off this task since I didn't really have the tools I thought I needed to cut about an 1/8 or 3/16 of inch of the aft end. This made working in the boat a bear since I couldn't easily stand in the cockpit.

But when I finished building and outfitted my small wood shop I picked up an old 14 Rockwell bandsaw. After spending a fair bit of time tuning it up and getting to know it (and getting a quality fence), I decided to try and use it to trim the cockpit floor.

It was a two person job with just a hint of anxiety since screwing it up would have been "really bad". But my wife and I did it in a few minutes and it went well.

Please forgive the dirt and varnish stains (somehow they mysterious appeared during Bolero's shipping) I hope to pull Bolero out, wash her down and lightly wet sand the bottom sometime this weekend. Weather permitting of course.

The boat shed has become a much nicer place to work as winter has progress. The soggy gravel pad has slowly dried out and now it only rains on the outside. Life is good.