Bath Day

We had a bit of a break between out typical March snow and a torrential downpour so I squeezed in a bath day for Bolero. And since I was already suited up I include my buddy Craig's Cape Dory Typhoon. I was fun to see them in the sunshine out of their winter caves.

It actually turned out nicer than I thought it was going to be with temperatures right around 50 degrees. I was actually a bit warm at times.

And here is a pair of happy clean boats.

I also did a light wet sand of the bottoms to prep them for bottom painting. Craig's looked fine with just a bit of peeling at the bottom of his keel.

Overall I am pretty happy with how Bolero's looks. But there are a few locations on the port side at the interfaces between the deadwood and the hull and keel that may need some attention.

Here is the starboard side.

And the port.

I was also able to get a good look at how the gravel foundation on the boat shed has been drying out through the winter. I have mentioned before that I was quite concerned that it would be quite damp, but as the gravel has dried out it has become a much nicer space. I won't know for sure until next winter after going through a full year cycle.