Roue 20

I received a comment on one of my older blog posts asking if I had considered a Roue 20 as an upgrade to my Roue designed Bluenose Sloop. I had in fact stumbled onto an old wooden version and although she was a beauty I didn't want to take on a wooden boat. I wasn't aware at the time that there was also a fiberglass version. But indeed there was.

Similar to the Bluenose's transformation from wood to fiberglass, a bit of the charm was lost. But she is still quite a lovely boat in my opinion. There doesn't seem to be much info on the web but from what I could dig up she looks to be a smart sailor.

In the end I was looking for a more performance oriented boat with rough-it weekending capabilities and no compromises do to interior accommodations. That said, I have to be pretty picky to find fault with Roue 20.

More pictures can be found here of Swallow, another Roue 20.