Is Beauty Endangered?

It seems that more and more I read topics on different forum sites but temper my responses since they seem so far out of the norm. Often I reply a little and then come back her and scream what I really want say and let off a bit of steam. Better on my new marriage and perhaps saves a ruckus on the forums I like to keep up with.

Recently the thing that really frustrates me is the lack of beauty as an important criteria for sailboats. The typical idea is "to each their own". And in principal I can understand this idea. But I think that each one of us gets to contribute or distract from the beauty on the water and we each get to own the consequences of our choices. Too often I see what appears to be "relative beauty". That is comparing one choice to some hideous lessor choice. As if a bunch of not so bad choices equates to beauty.

When I look at the classic older sailboats I can't help but wonder what boats in our generation will hold the position these boats hold now. What is the current Concordia Yawl?

Or the modern Rozinante?

Today's racing boats seem all about speed and technology and modern cruising boats are all about interior volume. Beauty seems to be about paint color and striping.

It seems that each design and fit-out choice pits beauty against convenience and convenience always wins. Roller furling, mast steps, hard and soft dodgers, radar and wind turbine masts, dinghy davits, stern rail BBQs... The list is endless. Combined with abundant freeboard and high coach roofs to get standing headroom in every boat and there just isn't much beauty potential left.

As I mentioned this my own personal rant. And so far beauty still barely exists in my sailing area. Everyday I get to sail past Alice, a Herreshoff Prudence. On really good days I run into the Six Metre, Oslo.

Or an Aphrodite 101 or the Schooner Adventerous.

What I do know for sure is that I don't find beauty in the fact that maybe the average Hunter is not as ugly as a MacGreogor 26. And granted we all get to make our own choices and maybe there aren't any rights are wrongs. But somewhere during this evolution of free choice beauty lost.