Time for Change!

Although this blog is about my sailing addiction I have also become quite excited about our upcoming election. So this is, hopefully, my one stop location for election night coverage.

I have been back at work on the boat shed so more to come.

First, state by state coverage courtesy of Daily Kos.

And the 3 November 2008 polling summary from Electoral-vote.

President - Obama: 353 McCain: 186
Senate -
Dem: 58 GOP: 42
House -
Dem: 248 GOP:184 Ties: 2

And poll closing times.

And finally, for the gamblers, the intrade odds.

I have and continue to predict that Obama will win big. I have been a huge Obama fan since the 2004 Democratic Convention speech.

Obama appeals to my sense of idealism and high bar mentality. I would rather fail trying for greatness than succeed in the mediocre. I prefer hope over fear and I am tired of people saying what I/we can't do.

Tuesday night will be interesting.