Bolero Cleaned Up and Put to Bed

I have to say that I am very glad that this boat shed project is done. Although there was a bunch of satisfaction during the building process, I can't say that I really enjoyed it. So today was all about fun. I started off tearing down the scaffolding and cleaning up the shed in preparation for moving Bolero in. This was completely uneventful but it was gratifying to have everything clean and tidy. I also firmed up all of the anchors. I think I may have missed some yesterday. I still haven't tighten them all the way but even hand tight the shed has noticeably stiffened up. I will wait until the ground in the shed is dryer or until a big storm is coming and then tighten them further.

One quick note about condensation, this morning there was some. One of the issue with this type of building is condensation. In some cases, apparently, a great deal of it. I installed a moisture barrier, 6 mil plastic, under the gravel to try an eliminate this issue. But I won't know how well that works until the moisture from the saturated gravel has a chance to evaporate. Time will tell.

With that done the first next order of business was removing the mast from Bolero and storing it. It isn't easy getting Bolero's mast off and Craig and I pondered a bit until we decided to drag the scaffolding back out. After that, everything went well. I do plan to come up with some sort of hoist inside the shed to make this easy.

Having a place to store the mast indoors is a great luxury. The last owner had a much different idea of mast storage, one that I wanted to greatly improve on. Now everything is in its proper place. In addition I should have room to install the boom and work on the reefing system without moving the boat or the mast.

Next I donned my foulies and commenced to washing Bolero and the Triad trailer. This probably took and hour or two since the washing and rinsing were followed by much pumping of the non self draining cockpit.

After a fabulous lunch, burgers a la Craig, we backed Bolero in the shed. Either the shed is the perfect size for Bolero or vise versa. There is plenty of room along the sides, standing headroom on the deck and a huge area under the stern for a workbench.

I spent the rest of the day cleaning up from my cleaning up and then headed home.