Boat Shed Completed

Well tonight we wrapped up the construction of the Clearspan Shelter. I actually did a bit of work on Friday to finish off the anchor assemblies. This went so fast that I started to install the back wall. But the breeze came up a bit which prompted me to check the forecast. Gales and small craft advisories so the wall came down and a plan to finish up Sunday (today). So I cleaned up and finished my prep work.

That meant assembling the tubes that insert into the cover and pre-drilling the end wall clamps.

Today was the big day and the weather was quite cooperative. Mostly that meant "no wind". Although it was mostly overcast it was still quite pleasant. Laura came out today to help with the big event and she taped up the frame seems will I installed the end wall.

I had decided over the course of a few days to forego the front wall with the zippered roll up door. This cured a number of problems. First I could ignore the slight grade on the site where we located the shed. And second I could now place almost all of the mast inside the shed.

With the decision behind me I took advantage of the extra end wall clamps and really did a job.

With the end wall and taping done it was time to haul up the main cover. With everything staged and my helpers jumping at my every command I screwed up. Turns out that I had the cover oriented the wrong way and was trying to pull the front and back edge over the top.

I little humble pie and some well deserved kidding and we quickly righted my error by laying out the cover in the grass in front of the shed. I would be remiss if I didn't mention that this is what the instruction said I was suppose to do in the first place.

Okay, back up we go again. This time everything looked much better. I was probably much more careful that I needed to be but I didn't want to snag the cover on anything.

He is the completely lift main cover prior to any tensioning. I tensioned the back wall first, then the front wall. Then I loosely tighten one side then went back and forth cinching down the ratchet straps on each wall until the cover was tight.

Ta Da! Here is the finish shed. Sorry about the poor quality photo, it was getting dark.

Tomorrow I will clean up Bolero and move her in. I still need to tension down the ground anchors. I only hand tightened them since the ground was so soft and I didn't want to chance them pulling out. I figure if a wait a little bit the ground should harden up nicely and they won't be going anywhere.