Fall Haul Out and Last Sail

I seem to have incredible weather karma during my fall haul outs. It hasn't mattered whether I haul in October, November or even December come haul out time the weather is lovely. Sun and a nice wind for a quick last sail and wind direction that makes for a relatively easy sail to the haul out dock.

I headed out to the boat around 10 am to get her ready for her haul out and to install the new jib blocks that Kristian had recommended. Installing the small Harken ti-lite blocks was quick and easy so I made Bolero ready and cast off the mooring with a very light wind.

I drifted and coasted my way through the bay and ran into my friend Dick out in his new Flicka. This may come as a shock to many but I have a huge soft spot for these boats. There was a time I came really close to getting one. There is just something about them.

Anyway this is Dick's foray back into sailing after a hard decision to sell his beloved Lord Nelson Victory Tug "Annie".

The wind was nice enough to ghost along and I easily made it out of the bay. I know I keep harping on the light air capabilities of Bolero but for an engineless sailor this this is the Holy Grail. We were easily sailing along at 2.4 knots with hardly a ripple on the water. What a joy.

The new ti-lite blocks worked great in the light wind. Bolero is even starting to feel close-winded. Also I have never been able to bring a boat about quick so fast.

I also ran back into Dick outside the bay. So here is a bit more Flicka eye candy.

Alas I needed to come home to meet my haul out appointment. As I mentioned, the wind was very cooperative being both light and in the best direction at the dock.

The haul out and mast lowering were quick and uneventful. Should even be easier next year.

The epaint bottom paint held up well for the grueling 3 week season.

I won't deny that launching Bolero for 3 weeks worth of sailing was hard work. But we just had to do it. We had spent way to much time, money and energy on this project to wait till next year. The 10 or so times I made it out were pure joy that will easily carry me through the winter.