Bolero May Never Get a Genoa!

To say that I am happy with Bolero light air performance would be a huge understatement. On Saturday we had a grand day of fall sailing in under 10 knots of wind. I just don't think it gets any better than that. In addition having such great light air performance without the need for an overlapping headsail is a true joy. My buddy Craig had really been questioning the feasibility of single handing a boat with Bolero's sail area. But after not doing any really work trimming the jib with our new two part jib sheets he did an about face and was quite stunned with just how easy she was to sail.

Bolero has really met me ideals of what an engineless sailboat could be. Her sailing wind environment is great, I am guess 3 to 4 knots and up depending on the point of sail, and she has good speed at low wind. Ghosting along at a knot or two in calm water has become one of my favorite activities. Although I still love to have water rushing over the rail.