Bolero 2008 Winter Work List

The following is my current and constantly changing list of winter maintenance tasks as of 23 Nov 2008.

Winterizing & Storage
  • Finish boat shed (Completed, 21 Sep 08, 16 Oct 08, 17 Oct 08, 1 Nov 08, 9 Nov 08)
  • Remove everything from Bolero and fresh water wash (Completed, 10 Nov 08)
  • Wash sails, lines, mast & boom and anchor rode (Completed)
  • Build scaffolding (On hold until next year)
  • Setup boat shed storage & work area (lights, bench, shelves etc) (Completed)
  • Install track for reefing cars (Working on final layout)
  • Find suitable reef hooks and install (Potential parts on order)
  • Install reefing winch & rope clutch on boom (Working on final layout and mounting base)
  • Install reef ties on mainsail (Wait til mast is up)
  • Replace one of the mainsheet blocks to relieve binding (Completed)
  • Re-rig backstay to mast attachment (Parts on order)
  • Replace clevis pin cotter pins with rings (Parts on order)
  • Assembly rigging spare parts
  • Get Velcro for turnbuckles & jib
  • Whip all line ends (In work)
  • Create & install boom vang and boom kicker (if possible) (Going to stay with topping lift for one more season, working on vang)
  • Think about running outhaul and downhaul lines aft (On hold until next year)
  • Mast wedge system
  • Think about wooden whisker pole
Paint & Varnish
  • Three coats of varnish to aft hatch, sliding companionway hatch and hatch boards
  • Paint cabin settees
  • Light sand and two coats of bottom paint (Heavier sand for the keel)
  • Create new tiller or upgrade varnish on old one (Sticking with current tiller for next season)
  • Touch up paint on anchor locker door repair
Alterations & Repairs
  • Add brass solid back to cockpit coamings and lengthen section for aft cleat (protect oar instead & wait a bit on toe rail brass)
  • Trim cockpit sole to relieve binding (A bit more still needed)
  • Alter bilge pump strainer location to maximize bilge water removed
  • Rework bilge pump exit hose to ease installation (Completed, replaced with flat, roll-able irrigation hose)
  • Work on anchor locker door to improve opening (Completed for now - much better but still might need work)
  • Look for alternative locking method for aft hatch
  • Fix oar and oarlock system (Mostly completed - Oar lock and keepers work great but oar no longer fits in storage bracket - still need to work that out)
  • Fix minor rudder tube leak
Canvas Work
  • Sew jib bag, mainsail cover and cockpit cover side curtains
  • Design & build cabin cushions
  • Rubber / Canvas mast boot
  • Add toe rail tie-down hooks for cockpit cover
  • Find suitable small dinghy
  • Assemble cookware, bedding etc and create storage in forward hold
  • Get oil anchor lamp (Completed)
  • Cabin lamps
  • Fabricate stove mount
  • Implement alternative toilet system
  • Fuel holders and storage location
  • Finish & print custom logbook
  • Create custom chart book
  • Assemble boat tool kit
  • Fix & upgrade mooring chock pin and pin retention system
  • Think about mid-cleats
  • Decide on whether to put name on transom
  • Hull ID number and registration, yuck