Boat Shed Construction - Part 1

In between planning and facilitating our Bolero conversion, designing and building a small shop, and our trip to Wales and Ireland I have also been planning a suitable clean and dry storage place for Bolero. As I posted before I order and received a Clearspan 14' x 14' x 36' Storage Master temporary storage shed.

Prior to our trip I did manage (with a bunch of help) to get some initial foundation work completed. My sailing buddy Craig and his wife Meg (my business partner) agreed to house Bolero's new home. Craig also supply a great deal of the leveling grunt work with his old bulldozer and his John Deer.

We had decided to site the Clearspan shed next to his tractor / boat shed in an area that had pretty good drainage and was fairly level. It started out mostly cleared but Craig took down a couple of trees he had been planning on removing and he cleaned up and leveled the site with the dozed. My task at this stage was digging and chopping out sound old roots until the Craig could finish them off with the bulldozer. I didn't have my camera around during this messy stage of construction so no pictures.

I have received a bunch of useful advice on temporary storage buildings with the gist of it being that condensation was something to be avoided if at all possible. With that in mind I decided to put down a layer of 6 mil black plastic as a moisture barrier and follow that up with a woven plastic road cloth to protect the plastic from the gravel.

With the plastic and road cloth in place I ordered 10 yards of 3/8th minus gravel to serve as a pad. You can see the road cloth in the pictures below. I elected to size the foundation a bit larger that needed and to carry the plastic and gravel to the edge of Craig's shop to keep us from having to weed the akward space between the buildings.

Craig made quick work of spreading and leveling the gravel with his dozer and tractor. I just needed to rake out the corners and do some fine leveling.

Although the site is pretty level it does sloop a bit from Craig's shed. Around 3 1/2 per 12 ft. Since this is a "temporary" shelter I didn't go overboard trying to be absolutely level. My plan is to erect the steel framing on 2"x6" pressure treated wood on the high side and create a level buildup on the low side. I am going to anchor the pressure treated wood pads into the ground with rebar and then anchor the steel frames with screw anchors. Much more to come...