Bolero Weekly Progress - 2 Aug 08

It's official. Tim's finished.

I had it in my mind that I was going to put up a detailed before and after post. But to honest I so much prefer looking at the new version I am not going to bother. But here is here is where Tim started.

And of course a few more pictures of now.

I have tried both publicly and privately to express my gratitude, admiration and awe for the stunning quality and work ethic that Tim has brought to this project. In the end my words are quite deficient. All I can say is that it is rare, very rare, that I give an unqualified endorsement of someone. Tim is one of those few.

One other comment and that is about vast amount of Bolero photos. Tim has informed me that my "little" photo summary poorly reflects the library of Bolero photos that are stored on his computer. He took roughly 6600 photos. By my account there were 134 daily logs which amounts to almost 50 pictures per day. Wow, and he was still able to build this beautiful work of art.

In the end Tim's logged 771.75 hours which is also a fraction of his commitment to this job. We spent countless hours talking by phone and email (I have almost 2000 emails in my Bolero folder, although not all of them with Tim) during the 17 months of our planning and Tim's building of Bolero. I sometimes joke that I have spent over a 1000 hours over three years researching and planning and truth be told that might be conservative. I have to say that time, effort and expense was worth it and I haven't even sailed her.

Seeing as this is the end of the Bolero construction project this will also be my last weekly update. Any future posts will be topic specific.

Project Stats
Total Hours - 771.75
Initial Inspection Photos - 203
Project Conversion Potos - 1848
Total Photos - 2051

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Tim's Total Time This Week 25.25 hrs