Another Engineless Sailing Rant & A Change in Plans

As I mentioned, I had been thinking about closing my Knockabout Sloops blog after Bolero gets shipped out here and I have duly recorded her launching and my initial sailing experiences. Well a couple of things have caused me to change my mind.

The first is definitely a pet peeve bordering on a full out rant. Time and time again someone will write into one sailing forum or another and ask for advice on sailing without an engine. They typically receive an overwhelming response on how unsafe and impractical it is. They are presented with some example of one bad choice stacked on top of another to "prove" that sailing without and engine is inherently dangerous. To add insult to injury the thread is often hijacked into a discussion of ways of "sailing" by using the engine less or using some other form of energy, like electricity.

The other item that has caused me pause is that Jerome (Jay) FitzGerald of Oar Club fame has given me the okay to post an occasional bit of his writings on engineless sailing.

In light of the fact that there is such a relatively small number of resources for the person who choses to sail without an engine I am going to continue posting about my experiences of sailing without an engine in the Pacific Northwest and other references that promote this choice.